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Our centrally-located cannabis clinic provides on-site access to a medical doctor, knowledgeable staff, and cannabis education. It is our goal to promote responsible access to cannabis for those who need it most. 

What We Do

    • Medical Cannabis Prescriptions

      Helping Calgarians enjoy compassionate access to medicinal marijuana. Learn more.

    • Cannabis Classes

      Learn how to make your own edibles, grow your medicine at home, and more. See classes.

    • Education & Knowledge

      We help break down stereotypes about marijuana, as well as educate our customers about what they need to know.

    • Consumption Accessories & Vaporizers

      We stock the latest and greatest tools and vapes you’ll need to maximum relief and enjoyment.

    Locations in Calgary & Okotoks

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    New to Medical Marijuana?

    Get Informed

    When used responsibly, cannabis has numerous healing benefits that can help you effectively managed pain, stabilize your mental state, and manage other chronic diseases. Before using medical cannabis, learn about its effects, benefits, and potential side effects.

    Medical Cannabis Helps

    • Anxiety Relief

      Responsible cannabis use can help calm your mind and relieve anxiety

    • Chronic Pain

      Research has shown both THC and CBD have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving benefits

    • Muscle Spams & Tremors

      New research has demonstrated positive effects in reducing involuntary muscle spams/tremors

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    Cannabis Classes

    We run daily introduction to cannabis classes, as well as more advanced classes on Tuesday and Thursday.

    Introduction to Cannabis
    Cannabis 101

    This 15-minute class is held from 10-6 every weekday. Book a time that works for you! If you are wanting to learn more about cannabis, this is a great place to start.

    Grow Your Own Medicine

    Current medical laws allow medicinal patients to grow a limited about of cannabis for personal consumption. This class will help you learn how to grow your own medicine at home.

    Make Your Own Edibles

    Many people prefer consuming their cannabis via edibles. Learn how to make your own cannaoil, and how to use your oil in cooking and baking.

    News & Updates
    Our Blog

    Our blog is updated often with news about what’s happening with cannabis, research, and other interesting topics.